Interview with Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. B Limmer

Interview with Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. B Limmer
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Dr. Bobby Limmer speaks to HairlossTalk on Dr. Woods, ISHRS Conference, and Follicular Unit Transplantation

World renowned hair transplant surgeon Dr. Bobby Limmer speaks to HairlossTalk on Dr. Woods, the upcoming ISHRS Conference, Follicular Unit Transplantation, Follicular unit extraction, and physician ethics.

HairlossTalk has recently been in communication with Dr. Bobby Limmer, the inventor of the most popular form of hair transplantation in use today: the Follicular Unit method. He has transplanted hair for thousands of patients and has published numerous articles on hair transplantation. He has received the “Platinum Follicle” award from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, for the most outstanding work worldwide related to the anatomy and physiology of hair. Additionally, he is a Diplomat of the American Board of Dermatology, Dermopathology, and Hair Restoration Surgery. He is also a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.

He is highly esteemed as one of the most knowledgeable and reputable physicians in the area of hair transplantation anywhere in the world. We are honored to announce that Dr. Limmer will be working exclusively with HairlossTalk in the coming months on several new features intended to bring you helpful and trustworthy information on hair transplantation.

Dr. Limmer is also the president of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (, one of the largest associations in the world for reputable physicians involved in hair transplantation.

Since he will be partially heading up this year’s 10th Annual ISHRS Conference, we felt it would be a great time to get his thoughts on everything from the Conference, to the relatively new interest in unique procedures being conducted by Dr. Woods, Dr. Gho, and others.

We hope you enjoy this interview. If you have ever considered hair restoration surgery, this is a must read from one of the most highly esteemed surgeons in the world. We look forward to working with Dr. Limmer in the near future, and bringing you even more unique, informative content.

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