HairLossTalk Guide to Men’s Hair Loss Treatment

HairLossTalk Guide to Men’s Hair Loss Treatment
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HairlossTalk’s new Guide to Men’s Hair loss is a completely revamped and expanded portion of the new HLT web site released in May. This is the first of several reviews we will be putting together over the next few months to help familiarize you with all the new features we have added, and will be adding!

In May of 2002, HairlossTalk released a completely revamped and expanded site, with more custom static content geared to help hair loss sufferers than ever before. We effectively increased our hair loss information content from 25 pages to nearly 100 pages during the 1 year we were under construction, and the momentum has not stopped since.

Unfortunately, the site has become so large, that most of you have not had a chance to really look through all the new content to discover the interesting tidbits and neat features we’ve added. As a result, we’re going to take this opportunity to present to you the first in a series of reviews on the new sections of HairlossTalk as they have evolved, what they now offer, and where to find them.

This month we’d like to present to you the new and expanded Guide to Men’s Hair Loss.

Don’t Panic! In keeping with the layout of the old HLT site, we first focused on enhancing the men’s guide to hair loss. We have added a new intro page for this and the two other guide’s recently added, the Women’s Guide to Hairloss and Childrens Guide as well. The Men’s Guide starts off with our traditional Don’t Panic page, covering some of the more common experiences of the typical male hair loss sufferer, from that first moment you’re realizing you’re losing hair, to the first months afterwards, and all the changes physically, mentally, and emotionally one goes through.

Webcast Content In this section, and throughout the Men’s Guide, we have added helpful Video Webcasts that relate to the topic which you are reading at that particular time. On this page, we have a very helpful video web cast with hair loss experts, Peter Halperin and Marc Avram who discuss the psychological impact of hair loss on the typical hair loss sufferer. These webcasts are incredibly helpful, interesting and directly applicable to the information you’re learning about on that page.

True Causes of Hair Loss The user is then taken to a full page covering the myths and facts of men’s hair loss. Several popular myths are explained, and the true causes of hair loss in men are discussed. Understanding hair loss is one of the most important steps in fighting hair loss and protecting yourself from the myriads of snake oil products on the market.

If you don’t know why its happening, you can’t make a logical argument about why or why not a treatment should work for you.

Self Analysis After having learned what the true causes of hair loss are, it is only natural that the next step be to evaluate your personal situation. The various forms of hair loss in men are discussed, along wit diagrams and photographic examples. Applicable webcasts are scattered throughout, and a discussion on setting your expectations is also included. Understanding how long it takes to lose hair, and what to expect before you embark on a journey to restore your hair are both very important parts of educating yourself on the hair loss fight.

Product Comparisons In the next steps, we take the user through the 5 most common forms of treating hair loss. An explanation is given for each, whether it be DHT inhibition, Growth Stimulation, Anti-Inflammatory, or other. The positives and negatives of each are discussed, and a helpful diagram is presented at the end of the discussion, grouping each actual product name with its appropriate Treatment category. This is an extremely useful diagram, and we encourage you to make use of it!

Product Overviews Last but not least, we present a 10,000 foot overview of the various products and treatments on the market which we believe have sufficient efficacy to warrant mention at this time. We categorize each of them into Proven and Other Helpful treatments. Each treatment is identified as for use in Men, Women, or both. Its category is also specified, as well as its overall rating as far as performance, user feedback, and the overall clinical evidence supporting it. Finally, we provide an overview of what the treatment is typically used for, what it works well in conjunction with, and any other interesting information you need to know. You then have the option of entering into the Product Reviews section of our site for a very in-depth review of that particular product, or to continue on to the product center if you are ready to acquire it.

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