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New Research

Recent Advances in Hair Cloning 0

Article written exclusively for HairlossTalk and its users, Dr. Kevin McElwee provides this three-part review on the current state of hair cloning research, its history, and what you can expect

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Hair Cloning vs Hair Transplants: A Comparison 0

The following article was written by Dr. Gho for HairlossTalk to help clear up some of the misconceptions of exactly what Follicular Multiplication is – both for consumers and those

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New Hair Loss Gene Identified

Researchers at Columbia University are uncovering the mechanisms of previously unknown genes governing hair growth and cycling. In their latest findings, to be published this Friday, they identified a new

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Hair Multiplication and Hair Cloning News

A new campaign was founded on August 1, 2000 by a large group of hair loss sufferers to bring exposure to something they are calling the cure to baldness. For

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