Hair Multiplication and Hair Cloning News

Hair Multiplication and Hair Cloning News
October 22 01:03 2002 Print This Article

A new campaign was founded on August 1, 2000 by a large group of hair loss sufferers to bring exposure to something they are calling the cure to baldness. For several months, there have been rumors of a new procedure known as “Hair Multiplication”, which very well could be a creative new way to end the problem of hair loss for both men and women alike…

The procedure was founded by a Dr. Coen Gho located in the Netherlands, who has been mentioned in several major publications recently regarding his methods. Due to the growing interest in this procedure and the lack of answers on its progress, validity, and support from the major players in the hair loss industry, this campaign hopes to bring exposure to the procedure, and put pressure on the powers that be to bring it to fruition as soon as possible.

What is Hair Cloning?

In summary, Dr. Gho has discovered a way to create several additional hairs from one hair follicle in an artificial environment. Current hair transplant methods extract a strip of non-DHT-affected hair covered skin from the back of the head, sew the scalp back together, and transplant those hairs on a one to one ratio to the frontal area’s of the head. Due to the limited donor area in the back, density can be less than desirable up front, and the procedure as a whole can be cosmetically destructive if an unqualified physician is chosen to perform it.

This new method will allow the Doctor to create nearly endless supplies of the patients own “DHT immune” hair from an extensively smaller donor area, which will also not require any major surgical skin extractions – but instead uses simple plucking of the hairs with special instruments. The end result is unlimited amounts of the patient’s own hair available for “relocation”, leading to an entirely full head of hair for the duration of his or her lifetime.

The campaign is currently in its planning and growing stages. There will be a domain name purchased to host an entirely new non-profit web site about it coming soon, which HairlossTalk hopes to take an active roll in helping set up, and there is an advertising endeavor being undertaken to place ads in publications across the United States. We will keep you informed of the domain name once it is available, and any changes that occur in between newsletters, related to the campaign.

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