Dutasteride Anticipation Rising Among Hair Loss Sufferers

Dutasteride Anticipation Rising Among Hair Loss Sufferers
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Over the past few months, we have kept you up to date on the new treatment on it’s way to BPH and Hair Loss sufferers called Dutasteride. Similar to the roots in preventing and treating Prostate Cancer that Propecia had, Dutasteride is considered the “double whammy” approach, inhibiting both types of 5-alpha reductase enzyme whereas Finasteride only inhibits one.

Anticipation for this new treatment is really starting to take off, but how excited should we get…With its 83% success rate, Propecia has cornered the market and given millions of men hope to completely halt their hair loss. Men are now turning their attention to this new Dual Inhibitor called Dutasteride, and have been for several months anxiously awaiting its release.

Fortunately, Glaxo Wellcome, the pharmaceutical company responsible for its creation, had enough foresight to begin trials for hair loss early on, however these trials were called off due to the merger they were undergoing.

With the dawn of the year 2001, new hopes are being sparked for this supposed wonder drug. Dermatological centers in Marburg Germany have notified HairlossTalk.com that they have been contacted by Glaxo to be one of the many sites for the final phase of alopecia trials this year. Followups with them have revealed an extremely slow and nonresponsive Glaxo, however all are confident that eventually the trials will continue.

Of more interest to most hair loss sufferers, is the fact that clinical trials have already been 100% completed for this medication on BPH, and submission of an NDA (New Drug Application) is already underway for FDA approval. It is this release of the product which has hair loss sufferers all over the world banding together in excitement.

Why all the excitement?

Those who were close to the actual trials for alopecia (hair loss), have reported that the results of the trials are nothing less than astounding. Dutasteride has been said to outperform both Finasteride and Minoxidil combined, and with a similar safety profile to both. To have such a quality performance record, and to have the clinical trials to prove it, is something most people seeking answers to their hair loss never have the luxury of relying on. Dutasteride brings both to the table, and reports are that it has performed with flying colors.

Recently an announcement was made that there was a potential generic version of Dutasteride going out on the market sometime prior to the actual release which is expected by Glaxo sometime this calendar year. Some people did a little research and found the site which is claiming to have it available by April of 2001.

In response to this news there has been an incredible surge to acquire the treatment before its FDA approved release date. Many men are seeking ways to gather a petition and put some pressure on this company to release it to them despite any problems they may encounter legally, while other men are cautioning against it for several reasons.

First and foremost this is a chemical. Despite how badly we want to keep our hair, safety should be of the utmost concern to us here, above all else. The currently completed clinical trials only cover the research which defines the appropriate dosage for BPH patients. There is no information out there as to what dosage is necessary, safe, and optimal for young men experiencing thinning hair. Additionally, the safety profile for Propecia is still questioned on an INCREDIBLE frequency by men who take it, and men who don’t, even after it having been on the market for several years. If one thinks Propecia is a potent little pill, then Dutasteride should be handled with extreme caution.

Secondly, there are legal issues involved. If word gets out to Glaxo that a company is planning on duplicating their patented medication and selling it “on the black market” as it were, there could be some major legal international health ramifications.

The wise man will read this article with a new found hope for the future, and an awareness that the current treatments for hair loss – although not wonder drugs, are effective in stopping hair loss in the majority of men and women. Those of you on Propecia seeing success – even when Dutasteride comes out, there is no reason to rush to buy it. Take what works for you now, and know that as time goes by, the safety profile will become more known, the effectiveness more well known, and that second option for you will always be there. It’s this peace of mind that most of us are truly seeking, after all.

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