Pharmacia unveils new Thinning hair Gauge

Pharmacia unveils new Thinning hair Gauge
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Makers of the Paul Mitchell Rogaine Professional family of hair care products announced today at the International Beauty Show that it has a new patent pending system to help stylists assess the appearance of thinning hair.

The ThinTrack System, developed in conjunction with dermatologists, helps to measure hair thickness, density, and width of the mid-line part to assess the overall condition of the hair. This system focuses on changes in hair thickness and density in order to determine the extent of breakage and the appearance of thinning. When the ThinTrack System is used in conjunction with volumizing therapies, conditioning treatments, and other hair care products, it is a useful tool to track progress as well as the body and fullness of hair.

“The ability to monitor the appearance of thinning in its earliest stages can be difficult, which means that many people do not realize that their hair is changing,” Marty E. Sawaya M.D., Ph.D., a dermatologist and Director of Clinical Research at ARATEC (Alopecia Research and Associated Technologies) in Ocala, Florida. “Because hairstylists work with many different types of hair each day, the ThinTrack System gives them the ability to see if hair thinning is apparent and make recommendations for styling options.”

The ThinTrack System features graduated tines to measure the thickness and sparsity around the head. A magnifier in the center of the handle to detect scalp shininess and blunt cut or broken off hairs. Areas of thinning hair may be the result of damage or breakage from overprocessing of permanents or colorants versus natural hair aging or thinning.

“The ThinTrack System is designed for both men and women, but will be particularly useful to help detect the sometimes less obvious signs of thinning hair in women,” said Dr. Sawaya.

“We have a unique and important opportunity to expand our services to help our clients with thinning hair, but first we must make them feel comfortable talking about it,” said Lynn Glaze, stylist John Paul Mitchell Systems. “The ThinTracking System helps us assess thin- looking hair in our clients’ and initiate a conversation about it. This can make it easier to break through feelings of embarrassment and hopelessness that affect many people with thin-looking hair.”

The ThinTrack System is currently available to John Paul Mitchell certified stylists. The system will be available to many stylists by the end of the year. Pharmacia also is giving away samples of the system to stylists at the International Hair Show this week.

About hair thinning and loss

Nearly 50 million men and 30 million women in the United States experience thinning hair. Thinning occurs when you lose more hairs than normal. Typically, we shed 40 to 100 hairs a day. When your hair is thinning, the amount you shed begins to slowly increase.

Although it has been traditionally considered part of the male’s aging process, hair thinning affects women too, although somewhat differently. Men typically develop “bald spots” and/or a receding hairline. Women generally experience diffuse thinning over the entire head, which can be difficult to detect.

The process of thinning hair can affect both men and women as early as their 20s. In fact, hair is at its thickest when a person is 20 years old, and it gradually begins to thin after that. Additionally, research indicates that since hair thinning is rarely discussed among women, almost 40 percent of thinning hair in women never expect it to happen.

Paul Mitchell Rogaine Professional for Women is medically proven to regrow hair for women with mild to moderate hereditary thinning. It is part of the Paul Mitchell Rogaine line of products for hair thinning and hair loss in women and men.

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