Hair Loss: Its Really Not So Bad

Hair Loss:  Its Really Not So Bad
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Or is it?

Embarrasment, Shame, Depression, despair, and pessimism seem to rule the mindset of most hair loss sufferers. This editorial written by the founder of addresses some of these emotions, and gives a new look at why you should actually be proud, hopeful, and consider yourself lucky instead. Gain a new Perspective on Hair loss today…

Its a big deal to you, and that’s Okay

“Screw em!” … one of my balding friends says to me. “Its a big deal to me, and it would be a big deal to them too. Who cares what they think.” It saddens me every day I read new posts on my forums. People so upset. So depressed. As crazy as it sounds, hair loss actually is a condition that can send people into such a torrent of despair that you’d think it was a life threatening disease. No doubt you’ve heard people make fun of it for that exact reason. “Relax! It’s not like you’re DYING”. You just want to tell them to shut up and stick their head in a toilet, don’t you? I know the feeling. They don’t get it. Then for about 3 seconds you feel embarrassed. “Wait a second… why am I whining like a baby? I could be dying of Leukemia”. That lasts about 3 seconds, then you’re depressed again. Hah! Amazing how that works. Well there’s a reason why it makes you feel like you’ve got no stamina for life, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

You don’t have to be dying, to be strongly affected by something. Look at it from another point of view. Tragedy can come in many forms, and everything is relative. To a little kid who wants a cookie, not having that cookie can bring him emotional pain that is equivalent to a thousand spankings. Why? Because in his little life, that’s a major thing. We don’t fault him for it either do we?

In an otherwise healthy person’s life, who has everything going for them, hair loss can be an extremely detrimental, unwelcome, and unexpected sudden roadblock. To someone who does not have cancer, is a single guy or girl who is still looking for that special someone, or who is that young guy or girl still competing for acceptance among high school or college peers …. they might as well have cancer. Put another way: everything is relative to what else is going on in your life. If cancer comes your way, you will deal with it then, and your priorities will change accordingly. But right now? Hair loss may be the
biggest challenge for you, and you have absolutely no reason to be ashamed for
looking at it that way.

In fact, it is not a sign of “weakness” or “vanity” like many people say. Not anymore than he is weak for buying those snazzy trendy clothes, or she is vain for plucking her eyebrows. The trend of society today goes this direction with everything else. It shouldn’t be considered abnormal to go this way with hair loss. We’re just still in that awkward phase where people aren’t educated enough on how to treat it, and therefore they think its a big joke. Doing something about it is considered embarrassing. But that perspective is wrong! People want to look their best. You don’t owe them any explanations. You don’t have any reason to feel stupid. In fact, statistics state that nearly 50% of them will be dealing with the exact same problem before they hit age 55 anyway. They’re going to remember you, and probably feel bad for giving you a hard time. Hair loss is one of those things you just “don’t get” until you experience it. Laugh about it, and look at them with pity, for they know not what they say. They’ll understand one day. 🙂

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