World Hair Congress 2017 – Presentations, Pictures & Interviews

World Hair Congress 2017 – Presentations, Pictures & Interviews
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Real-time updates from the conference including interviews, presentations, and video updates.  Please bookmark this page as it will be frequently updated.

It’s 2017 and a little over a year has passed since the 2015 World Hair Congress in Miami. With the year already flying through March, October will soon be here with another major and potentially exciting congress; World Congress for Hair Research (WCHR) in Kyoto Japan.

This year marks the 10th annual congress and will be taking place at the Kyoto International Conference Center from Tuesday, October 31st until Friday, November 3rd 2017.

Organizing teams include the The Society for Hair Science Research (SHSR) and The Japan Society of Clinical Hair Restoration (JSCHR).

Visiting Old.  Find New.

While the 2015 theme was ‘Reflect, Rejuvenate, and REGENERATE’ this year the congress is focusing on ‘Visiting old, find new.’ This reflects on Japan hosting the WCHR for a third time as well as hosting the Third Intercontinental Meeting of Hair Research Societies in Tokyo.

Like last time, HairLossTalk is happy to announce that our forum member ‘Hellouser’ has once again volunteered to attend and report on the congress with news, presentations, scientific posters and of course interviews with leading researchers and scientists from regenerative medicine companies.

He will be bringing an assistant to help with the media production and processing of the vast amounts of information presented.

Interviews Presentations and Videos

With our last initiative we were able to capture all presentations relating to the reversal of hair loss on topics such as stem cells, wounding, alopecia (areata, totalis, universalis, androgenic), morphogenesis, neogenesis, tissue engineering, clinical trials and much more.

This year all video information will be housed on HairLossTalk’s YouTube Channel, so make sure you’re subscribed then bookmark the 2017 Congress Video Playlist page.


GoFundMe: Send Hellouser to the Conference

In 2015 we held a GoFundMe for Hellouser and had outstanding support from the community. Hellouser did an incredible job setting up interviews and recording important content for the entire community, which you can see here.

This years conference is in Japan so your help is very much needed!  Please consider contributing.  We will send all conference videos and interviews directly to your inbox if you are subscribed.

Funds can be donated to Hellouser via the new GoFundMe at the following link:


As we’ve started the fundraising quite early in the year, if we reach the amount needed, any extra will go towards sending a second person to help with the organization and collection of information to be presented here on

This will allow us to get all presentations.   Last year Hellouser could only cover one at a time, so two people will be more effective and hopefully allow us to get some video content as well.  We’ll again be focusing on interviews with researchers and company representatives from the industry with what should be some exciting news for everyone as we’re on the cusp of having some significant treatments available.

GoFundMe Proceeds Breakdown:

Proceeds will be used to cover travel, lodging and attendance fee for the congress itself. In total, it is expected that funds required will need to be roughly $5,000 CAD. Flights from Canada to Japan (round trip) is expected to cost roughly $1,500 + tax, approximately $1,000 CAD for entrance (2015 WCHR fee’s were $850 USD, so a little over $1,100 CAD) and some kind of hotel for about 6 or so days necessary at $300 CAD and finally $300 for travel between Tokyo and Kyoto (train ride).

Traveling to Japan can be incredibly exhausting with direct flights from Toronto to Tokyo lasting 13 hours alone or up to 34 hours with stop overs on cheaper flights.  Include travel and wait times to the airport, getting to the train station in Tokyo, train ride to Kyoto (bus is not feasible as this would be an overnight ride) and of course getting to the hotel in Kyoto.

2017 Hair Congress Conference in Japan

Each year the membership of participating “hair societies” increases.  This will bring the world’s top biologists, tissue engineers, dermatologists, scientists, researchers and hair transplant surgeons.

The program this year will include keynote lectures, scientific posters, clinical workshops, seminars and much more. Coverage of the activities would be no different from the congress in Miami. Presentations are already filling the program schedule which can be found at the following link:

As we approach the date of the congress a comprehensive list of presentation speakers will be announced. We expect to see top researchers as we did in 2015 which included:

This year is a particularly interesting congress as it’s taking place in Japan, home to Replicel’s clinical trials in cooperation with Shiseido which may see a commercial release in 2018 (assuming things go well and without delays of course) as well as home to Dr. Takashi Tsuji with his work with Riken pushing for a full commercial release as early as 2020 (Japan only though). While being so close to these dates and with the native work being done in Japan, this presents a particularly exciting congress.

Furthermore, as we near the end of the year, major players such as Follica, Samumed, Histogen and Kythera are all expected to have commercially available treatments in the near future if not (hopefully) not long after the 2017 congress.

With so many angles at tackling hair loss being so close to release after waiting more than 20 years of a viable treatment since Merck’s Finasteride release (Propecia), it is especially an exciting time to see what announcements will be made this year as well as any other potential discoveries.

All new treatments are expected to have minimal to no side effects, which will be a welcome addition considering the horrible sexual side effects some men have encountered due to altering their dihydrotestosterone levels.

Schedule of Events and Presentations

Wednesday November 1

  • Session 1:  Stem Cells and the Niche
  • Session 3:  Alopecia Areata Research
  • Session 5:   Hair Transplantation: Visiting Old, Learn new
  • Luncheon Seminar 1:  George Cotsarelis, Mike Philpott
  • Luncheon Seminar 2:  Luis Garza, Cheri Chu, Luisa Collins
  • Keynote Lecture 1:  Emi K. Nishimura, Jeffrey Biernaski
  • Session 2:  Androgenetic Alopecia
  • Session 4:  Hair Follicle Morphology and Cosmetology
  • Session 6:  Hair Transplantation
  • Afternoon Seminar:  Ralf Paus, Akio Sato
  • Sponsored Seminar:  Wig Service in Japan
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Special Lecture:  Rieko Ohara
  • Welcome Reception:  Annex Hall

Thursday November 2

  • Morning Seminar:  Ralf Trueb, Jennifer Marsh, Mike Davis
  • Session 7:  Scarring Alopecia
  • Session 9:  Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering
  • Session 12:  Hair Disease and Endocrinology
  • Keynote Lecture 2:  Oh-Sang Kwon
  • Luncheon Seminar 3:  Shiseido – Claire Higgins, Jiro Kishimoto
  • Luncheon Seminar 4:  Taisho Pharmaceutical
  • Plenary Session 2:  Research
  • Session 8:  Hair Anti-Aging
  • Session 11:  New Horizon of Hair Disease and Research (Aderans)
  • Session 14:  Alopecia Areata (Clinical)
  • Gala Dinner

Friday November 3

  • Morning Seminar:  Kao Corporation – Michael Rendl, Ko-ei Toyoshima
  • Session 15:  Female Pattern Hair Loss
  • Session 17:  Hair Follicle Biology
  • Session 19:  Genetics
  • Luncheon Seminar 5:  Zilinka Lulic
  • Closing Ceremony


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