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Yo squeegee 2.0

Are you that squegee from stopaga etc. ?
Squeegee 2.0
Squeegee 2.0
LOL! dude I don't know! The site was offline for a while for an update but they never got back online! Maybe the traffic was way too small and decided to cut the cord????:eek:
That sucks. We can't use free site for our forum?
Also we could pay for our site, 500 or 600 users, few bucks and it couldn't be a problem.
Man I Got psi in my fridge, didn't used it at all, it is probably not good.
Where is Enden, VIN_77, you see here any old users from our forums?
If you click on, appear some chinese sh*t.
Squeegee 2.0
Squeegee 2.0
I only know 2young2retire on here and you so far..
Hello! Does anyone DaTe on an OdD site like this I'm looking for a Man! talk soon, I'm from CALIFORNIA
This guy is one of the most helpful guy I've ever spoken too. Thanks for helping me out! We are still private messaging back and forth and he is helping me with the right hair system and so on
hair replacement specialist
please feel free to get in touch if you have any concerns with regards your hair loss experiences.
Hi i have a problem with my hair but i dont know if it is hair loss or cowlick. Can you help me to figure it out please
Is this cowlick or intial baldness? can anyone tell please


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Just started 5g of MSM daily (2.5 twice). Expecting faster hair growth and healthier feel/look to my hair. Others on megadoses of 10+ grams (which I'll do so myself) have reported new hairs sprouting as well as any itch they had subsiding. Will see if I can achieve any of that myself.
Upped to 10 grams.
Tiny velluses all over. Waiting to see if they turn terminal. Like one or two are thicker, darker and longer but that's it.
Recently started 10ml of Castor oil a day orally. It has enhanced both hair growth speed and facial hair quality before at half the dosage.

Too early for hair growth difference, but my beard has definitely benefited. Particularly the soul patch is what I'd like to improve (without minoxidil) and it certainly feels like it's growing longer and faster by the day.
A literal fool just reminded me to update this. Approaching a month on 10ml a day. Beard grows faster and more stubborn, with my main concern, the soul patch getting thicker and thicker. In theory it should be beneficial for hair as well through the Prostaglandin route but like before, I would only attribute the faster growth speed to that, as my temple sprouts began with MSM.
Discontinued it for fear of it contributing to a possible autoimmune condition with a severe shed. Apparently, PGE2 induces inflammation. My experience was improved growth speed of existing hairs and a minor boost to facial hair but those do not justify potentially triggering or aggravating any existing inflammatory issues in my scalp and follicles.
I'll be documenting key points of my journey here. Mainly as reference for myself along the way, though if anyone stumbles across these I hope there's something you can take from my mistakes or potential success.
Hey mate, I came across one of your posts on RU58841 and wanted to DM you but it won't allow. Is there any other way I can contact you?

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Hi Cap8, my hair is in similar position to yours in the photos and I also live near Leeds. I visited Crown for transplant and also considering Farjo (both Manchester way). Did you have success with topical finasteride as just ordered some as a first attempt before committing further to a transplant - thanks