Your Opinion On DS Labs Products


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I am a 21 yr old male with MPD starting at the crown and somewhat at the sides and front.

As a result, I have started using 3 of DS Labs Products,

Revita Shampoo

Revita.Cor Conditioner


I was just wondering, has anyone found these products to be effective?

What would your opinion be of them as a company?


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Man, i started tackling it at your age as well and all i can say is that you need to give them at least 3 or so months before you decide whether or not they work for you? Seriously, you need to stick it out for this perioid of time regardless, even if you feel that your shedding more.

The only concern i would have with your stack is that there is no real antiandrogen and you certainly need an effective one in place.

Good luck.


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revita is ok on short hair! i used the conditioner and hated it! it made my hair very flat