You guys really believe that expensive pieces are too thick?


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People on these $200 sites keep saying many of the expensive sites still use super thick hair pieces. I don't believe that. I do believe the hair clubs are way over priced, and probably close to the same quality, if not the same exact quality, but I think all the bad quality pieces are a thing of the past.


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Boy, I wish that were true, but all you have to do is plant yourself in the food court at your local mega-mall and watch people walking by. You will still see plenty of really bad and/or obvious pieces.

There are still plenty of guys who order their pieces from their barbers, who sell them machine-made, ultra-dense pieces with either crappy human hair or super-shiny synthetic hair.

I have no way to know the actual statistics, but I would bet that less than 20% of all hairpieces are custom-made - maybe even less than 10%.