Workplace Hair Follicle Drug Testing With Alopecia


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Hey everyone! I have had alopecia since 1994, in every stage imaginable. In 2015 I lost all of the hair on my scalp but some areas have grown back. Recently, for a pre-employment drug test, they took new(er) growth from an area which had been previously bald for almost two years and has only had VERY slow growth since then. I failed my test. I absolutely admit that I have tried some drugs in the past, but WELL outside the 90-day window. I know that stunted/dormant follicles can still "hold on to" my previous use and even when my hair grows back, it is VERY slow. My primary physician is very aware of this, but the lab that did my testing doesn't seem to be as informed. Does anyone know if there are any guidelines/rules for me to make reference to when I am speaking to the lab? Thank you in advance.