Womens hair loss from Sertraline (Zoloft)


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I have owned and operated my own salon for 20 years. I was put on Sertraline in August of 2020. My hair started thining after that. Of all the years I have done hair I've never seen this happen. But it is happening to me. I can see my scalp it is so thin. Yes, my drain to my shower was clogged, my hair is in my bed, it comes out by the brush full and even my combs. I am depressed about it. I've been researching for months now and I VERY STRONGLY feel it is the Sertraline. I have been trying to talk to my Dr. But he has been out with covid the past 3 weeks. I may start to wean myself off of this junk myself and follow up with him when he gets back.
As a hairstylist I've seen m
any hair and scalp problems but I swear not like this. It is really bad.


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How many mg of Zoloft were you taking? You might be right about this. I once took 100 mgs some months ago and saw more shedding than normal. I am depressed about my hair loss and ironically was taking Zoloft to deal with the depression and anxiety. So now I am burdened to choose between losing hair from depression or losing hair with Zoloft. I take closeups with my camera to see what the situation looks like in the thinnest spots. It seems like the follicular ostia is preserved but the problem is it's like they've perpetually switched off and I see many vellus hairs in the area too. I was diagnosed with male pattern baldness by many dermatologist and trichologist professionals. I brought up the idea of there existing any scarring alopecia and none seemed to entertain that possibility. I though think based on my stress and symptoms of scalp flare ups that there's a likely possibility of it being autoimmune related scarring alopecia but the scalp doesn't really suggest that so much. I was thinking it could be conditions like pseudopelade of brocq or focal atrichia but it just being androgenetic alopecia is possible but the unusual hair loss pattern I have makes me suspicious. Sometimes I think the dermatologists and trichologists don't know what they're doing or aren't looking carefully enough to diagnose. Hair needs to be examined in every spot or something can be overlooked that shouldn't.