What kind of fish are suitable for raising in rural fish ponds


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The following 8 kinds of fish are the most common freshwater aquaculture fish. These fish can be raised in ponds, namely grass carp, herring, silver carp, bighead carp, carp, crucian carp, bream, and bream.

Why is it said that rural ponds are suitable for raising these 8 kinds of fish, because they have these advantages suitable for breeding in ponds.

1. Wide source of bait. Generally, there are various phytoplankton and animals, as well as some aquatic plants and benthic animals in the water body of the pond. These eight kinds of fish have simple diets, some directly eat phytoplankton, aquatic plants, and some use zooplankton and benthic animals as their main food, so the bait Wide source.

2, the growth rate is fast. These eight kinds of fish are delicious, marketable, stable in price, large in size and fast in growth.

3. Strong adaptability. These eight species of fish belong to the family Cyprinidae, which are warm-water fish with large spawning volume and strong fecundity. They can spawn naturally. The artificial breeding technology is also mature, with sufficient seedling sources, strong disease resistance, and a history of artificial breeding. It has a long history, and the technology is relatively stable and mature.

4. The breeding method is flexible. These eight species of fish can be cultured in ponds either intensively or extensively, and can be fed with artificial bait or commercial fish feed.

5. These eight kinds of fish can be cultured individually or mixed together in the same pond. Their top-down habitats are: silver carp, bighead carp, bream, bream, grass carp, herring, carp, and crucian carp. Reasonable mix and mix can also promote mutual growth. For example, the residual bait of grass carp and herring can be used to raise carp, crucian carp, bream, and bream, and their faeces can also be used to raise silver carp and bighead carp. Silver carp and bighead carp eat plankton and reduce water pollution. Fatty, carp and crucian carp can clean the food court, which is also conducive to the growth of grass carp and herring.

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I thought this topic was for discussing baldness, well, I came across an interesting topic


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Tried this for hairloss and now I'm starting to grow scales and fins. Thanks OP.