What Do I Put In My Hair To Protect It From The Sun?


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Traveling to the beach in summer is the first choice for most people. In order to prevent your HD lace wig from being sunburned by the hot sun, apply some 613 hair care products in advance to avoid it.

Why can hair be sunburnt?
Hair is made up of keratinocytes, most of which are keratin.
Keratin consists of long chains of about 20 amino acids, most of which are cysteine.
When exposed to sunlight, cysteine absorbs a lot of ULTRAVIOLET light, causing the disulfide bond to break, penetrating and damaging the keratin in frontals and bundles.
Make the hair loses original moisture and nutrition, wool is qualitative flimsy gradually, bring about the hair to become yellow thereby, bifurcate, dry.
As a result, exposure to the sun can damage anyone's hair.
Women who like to buy braids and wigs with closure should be especially aware of this.

How can we tell if our hair has been damaged by the sun?
1. When looking at hair in the sun, the roots and the middle split apart.
The whole hair looks dry, yellow, nutrient-poor, and lifeless.
3. Dryness occurs soon after washing your hair.
4. Hair becomes inflexible and breaks easily.
Sometimes you'll see faded lines on the hair stem.

How to protect your hair from the sun?
1. Minimize or avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
10 o 'clock in the morning - 3 o 'clock in the afternoon is the most vital period of ultraviolet light, usually try not to be in this period of time for a long time outdoor activities, can reduce the UV damage to the hair to the lowest.
2. When outside, opt for a breathable sunshade or UV-protected umbrella to keep the sun out of your hair.
3. Before going out, apply a leave-in moisturizer to help lock in moisture in your hair.
Apply it directly to dry or wet hair, then spray with a sunscreen moisturizer spray to keep hair moist longer.
4. Trim the ends of badly damaged hair.
Use special repair shampoo and hair conditioner in time to reduce the damage to hair after the sun, and regularly carry out professional care.

Nowadays, most wigs bought by customers are human lace wigs.
So if you wear a human wig, you also need to protect your hair from the sun.
Many consumers think wigs don't need the same washing and care as hair, which is wrong.
On the other hand, wigs require more frequent deep treatment to prevent moisture and nutrients from escaping from the hair.

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