Vomiting 24 hours after 2,950 graft FUE procedure.


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I am concerned because about 24 hours after the surgery I couldn't help but throw up. I think it was from taking the antibiotic on an empty stomach. I tried to minimize pressure to the scalp as much as possible. I stayed standing straight up and tried to contain pressure to my stomach / midsection. It wasn't one of those where you feel your eyes popping out but blood pressure was certainly elevated.

I had prp done and was told not to rinse my head for 48 hours. I'm also spraying an ATP spray 1x/hour.

I am concerned that I may have damaged the growing vascular structures where blood will eventually supply the new follicles.

I don't think any grafts fell out or became dislodged other than possibly one (but I can't say for certain the hair is just slightly long). The very long hairs in the picture were like that immediately after the procedure so either they transplanted longer hairs or those were my original hairs that weren't completely shaved down.

There was no bleeding or anything like that

How much damage can vomiting 24 hours after a procedure? I had very little luck finding much info online.


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