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I have DUPA, skin/nails psoriasis and ankylosing sponditilis (it's a chronic inflammatory disease destroying the joints, mainly the spine and hips) All of these diseases appeared at the same time, in 2017. I think they are all related.

In 2019 i did a 15 days water fast and the psoriasis and the inflammation in joints completely disappeared. But the symptoms came back a few weeks after breaking the fast. I have a terrible diet, with lot of junk food. I am 100% sure bad gut health is responsible for psoriasis and AS but i dont know about DUPA.

Anyway, fasting is beneficial for a lot of things. I am going to fast 36 hours every week

Can I ask you some questions?

How much water do you consume a day when you do 15 days fast and when you break the fast? Is it a big difference?


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Heh, the problem with this minoxidil + needling approach and getting results is always the question of "For how long?"

Like throwing a shot of gasoline on a dying fire, it'll keep it burning for a while longer, but ultimately, it's over without AA's.
I'm not so sure about that, if it's minoxidil only I would agree but I think adding needling is a game changer.

For example the guy from the pics in OP did an update not long ago, after 4 years of only minoxidil+needling he still has all his gains and maintains very well he said. Also seen a member itt say he maintains with minoxidil only for 7 years.

Also was a study showing results of minoxidil+needling held on much longer after quitting than minoxidil only.
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