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I posted this information in the "your story" site, perhaps this is a better location for support........

In January 2010 my left eyebrow started to fall out. By March I decided to shave my head completely. Today, I have total hair loss except for a few eyelashes on my right eye and some facial hair growth on my upper cheeks (about 4-6 hairs per side) outside of the normal line of facial hair. Before this happened I had very thick hair and no hair loss at all.

Over the last few months I've been losing pubic hair, chest hair and leg hair. So it looks like things are moving towards Universalis.

I January was refered to a Dermatologist who offered various steriod based creams or oral steriods. Both seemed to be half hearted offers to treat symptoms rather than cause. I have also had experience with oral steriods as described below.

Blood tests suggest no Autoimmune issues

My history

In 1984 I was diagnosed with Crohns disease. Between 88 to 91 I suffered with Erethema Nedosum and Pyoderma Gangrenosum. Both associated with Crohns. Treatment was oral steriods for two years which caused various unsightly side effects. In 1991 the problem went after a long holiday. In 2003 fistulation of the bowel required suregery and I had a double resection. Since then I have been free of the disease. In 2005 I started getting pathy facial hair loss which grew back within a year. Never larger than 5cm diameter. My sister also a crohns sufferer has Aleopecia Areata, which grows back. So I have a propensity to Autoimmune problems and a genetic dispostion to same. Currently I am 47 years old

Medical help is very poor, simply because they claim not to know enough about the problem. I would like to know my options and some prognosis. Do I let it continue to run its course and live with this or do I get some help?

You might also give me your opinion of Naturopathy. A local naturopath believes i have a mineral deficiency, typical of the Antipodes, but exaserbated by bowel removal and therefore less ability to absorb nutrients and minerals. All blood tests for Vitamins eg B12 and Iron content are fine.