Topical finasteride or oral finasteride - looking for feedback.


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Been on min for about 9 months and finasteride for 2. It's topical and doesn't help with the shedding or itching which makes me think it's ineffective.
ALSO - I know this has been discussed but i have two children (boys) in my house. I apply it and wash my hands but is there any risk to them? Should i just move over to oral instead to be safe? I'm on 0.1% which again isn't doing much. Considering bumping it up - most of the online subscription places are pushing 0.25%.

I really just want to pick a plan, stay on it and move on with my life. I think some of the obsessive thoughts around it and worrying just make it worse and impact my quality of life a great deal. But, i don't want to just accept that i'm balding and give up because if i can treat it i'd like to.