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Top 5 Surgeon Fue In The World: Any Suggestion?

Discussion in 'Hair Transplants Information - General Discussions' started by charleron, Jan 22, 2018.

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    Sure, ignore everything I said and evidence I offered such as:


    And obvious lies like:

    "Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®), offers over 97% yield and no visible scars -unheard of in the hair transplant industry.""

    Paid shill piece of shit. I never said he was a poor surgeon or that he hadn't provided very strong results to many as well as his influence in the research and hair transplant instruments realm, but the mans objectively a liar (look at the above comment for Christ-sake), a shit-talker including on this very forum, and had a history of blatantly unethical cases like the one above. I fully believe that you're telling the truth on your good results and those of many of his patients, nothing I said was even close to suggesting he was a hack.

    Also on the point of using a Yelp review and saying they have a "dishonest filter", actually they have NO filter, unlike Realself which will delete overly negative reviews and ban accounts for criticising cosmetic surgeons of various kinds as well as allowing fake positive reviews, so fuck off you lying piece of paid shill dog shit.
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