The best hair transplant in Australia


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I've tried a consultation with Dr Couto . Nothing available until 2023 !!!

so I'm wondering what would be the best quality for hair transplant anywhere in Australia? The price is not an issue , just want a really good quality job


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Check out Dr Ruk (Dr Rukshan Senanayake) his results are stellar.
Lots of strong bald guys live in Australia too, so see, guys? Plenty of company downunder in Brazil too. I used to live there and was balding among their masses when I should have been flirting with someone at least with the remnants of my boyish cuteness but I never recovered from even an incipient bald spots. It was like, life over on the spot. I was weak, so weak and I can't live through being ugly so I try to help give you guys feedback from an already dying botched head so I have excuses. I tried to do this like a man for at least 28 years and maybe 35 and I couldn't go around looking like that anymore. I wish more would post pics of their good results as it might help em survive my own trauma of being botched but feeling as though i botched myself and that's even more of a self-esteem hit.


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Yeah, though not a big fan of the company he works for - "Gro." The company used to be DHI (bad past) and their sales tactics seemed off.

It was things like they quoted me in "hairs" not grafts. I eventually got a quote on grafts out of them and it was 2250 grafts for ~18k AUD (~12k) USD. That comes to a little over $5USD a graft, but I don't know that they are worth that. Their sales process was really untrustworthy and they are charging as much as high quality places in the US.
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