Swiss Scientists Upgrade Crispr To Edit Many Genes At Once


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CRISPR gene editing has revolutionized the biotech industry by providing an easy and quick way to genetically modify organisms. So far, however, CRISPR techniques have only managed to edit a maximum of seven genes at once. This limits the potential of the technique in creating cell therapies, since whole networks of genes need to be reprogrammed to control each cell’s fate.

The Swiss research group devised a way to overcome this limitation with a CRISPR technique able to edit 25 genes in one go. This number could also be increased to up to hundreds of genes at a time. This method therefore makes it possible to edit gene networks, and reprogram stem cells to become cell therapies such as skin cells or insulin-producing pancreatic cells.


CRISPR/Cas9 is exploding and will definitely affect hair loss science in near future.


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They're only just starting to use CRISPR in humans now. If you read InBeforeTheCure's analysis of the GWAS you'll see there are heaps of genes involved in male pattern baldness, but those are all correlational studies. Delivering the treatment is an issue as is the accuracy of the gene mods. In any case we basically want to stock all AR expression in the follicles and while CRISPR could do that there are other methods which are available.