Stemson is going to use minipigs in the next stage of their hair cloning research


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I'm not so sure individual church members would be opposed to this technology. Some church members might be opposed to it but if they are then they could just die of old age while those church members who don't oppose this technology could partake in the technology and stay alive.
You right. Some ppl believe that God limited our life span to 120 years. There would be some noise about it. It would depend on the doctrine of each church. But even so that is the least accepted interpretation of the Bible.

It would be nice to live longer or at least age with better qualify life. Then when you are good to go, you just need to stop taking your "youth pills" and leave. I would kill myself if I heard a kid complaining that the IPhone 300 is not fast enough... Or that the Playstation 100 graphics is worse that the Xbox Xl.