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So far, so good. (4 month update)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by dantericci, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. dantericci

    dantericci New Member

    Mar 30, 2005
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    23, diffuse thinning at the top, receding hairline (moreso on the left side), very thin on the crown. I started generic finasteride (fincar, 1/4 daily) about 4 months ago, along with 2% Nizoral about every other day or so. I recently (~ 2 & 1/2 weeks ago) added MSM to my regimen.

    While it's only been 4 months and I haven't really given it enough time to see really significant results, I have to say that I'm definitely seeing terminal hair regrowth along the hairline and at the crown. I wasn't expecting to see new hair, but I'm getting a few new sprouts every so few days it seems, and that's cool to see. If they fill in, it would significantly restore the hairline, which I'm not expecting, but would be awesome nonetheless. I'm hoping the MSM helps speed growth and thicken things up a bit. My girlfriend also commented that my hair seems to be thicker now than in the past, so I'm pleased so far. I wish I had pics to show you, but I don't even have a camera - as soon as I get access to one, I'll show you how things are going.

    I definitely went through a good long shed, which sucked. I have to say that even now, though I'm seeing regrowth, the loss hasn't completely stopped. I'm not losing too much on a daily basis, but I'm not sure to what extent the finasteride has slowed or halted loss. Is it possible to be losing some hair and growing new hair at the same time?

    As far as sides go, the finasteride was a libido-killer for me, which TOTALLY SUCKED. I have a feeling I got it worse than most, though. In any case, I didn't have any problems with getting or maintaining erections, but my sex drive just went wayyyyyyyy down. WAY down. I think it's been steadily improving, but that was certainly a rough time.

    If you're just getting started, hang in there. It takes time. I feel like that needs to be said over and over again, because even though I was told that hundreds of times when I began my regimen, I still came really close to throwing in the towel on several occasions out of frustration.

    Good luck boys.

    1.25mg finasteride, daily
    1000mg MSM, daily
    2% Nizoral, every other day
  2. jeffsss

    jeffsss Senior Member

    Aug 21, 2005
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    glad to see the meds are helping you.

    good luck man, i love seeing success storys, i wish there were more b/c it gives hope when you see that people are recovering.. unfourtunatly i see 100X more horror stories then success.

    our regimines are similar and i'm glad to see that. :D

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