Smp To Make Donor Area Look Thicker After Fue. Good Idea?


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I've seen a lot of SMP cases and the results look great both at giving the appearance of a full shaved head of hair and hiding donor area scars from FUE or FUT but I'm wondering if SMP can be used to make a donor area which looks thin after an FUE hair transplant look thicker?

Basically 3 months and 3 weeks ago I had a 5000 graft hair transplant. I have used 0.25mg of finasteride and 1 dose of rogaine every day since to help any shock loss but was expecting the donor area to look a little thin afterwards anyway.

The area looks fine as long as I wear my hair a little longer but I generally like to wear my hair to a 1 or 2 guard and I'd like to continue doing so. I considered getting my hair cut longer from now on just at the back i.e. a 1 on the sides and a 3 or 4 at the back but I was wondering if SMP could disguise this completely?

If so this would mean I wouldn't have to worry about this area looking thin and any future thinning could also be hidden. How long after a hair transplant like this should I wait before doing this and is this type of usage for SMP common?


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I'd like to know this too, because I had this same concern. can't have the back of my head looking like a bees nest and I sport a fade (actually, just shave my head for the last two years but if I do FUE i'd like to go back to my normal hair styles)