Should I try a buzz cut? Tired of styling with toopik every time I want my hair to look presentable


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So this is what my currently looks like if styled properly with some toppik+hairspray applied. I try to always be wearing toppik if I’m wearing my hair in public because otherwise it just looks thin, dead and borderline unpresentable. I’ve been for a while now strongly considering a buzzcut as I’ve gotten tired of styling every day and just want to stop worrying about my hair all the f*****g time if only for a little while. Do you guys think I should go for it or is my head shape not suited for this look? Any and all tips are welcomed View attachment 182844


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It can be useful to try shaving your head at least once just to see what it looks like. You're not bald yet so you can still grow your hair back if you don't like it.