Samumed SM04554 @ WCHR 2015


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Seems safe, but in the efficacy section, only 25% people who took the highest dosage saw some improvement in hair. However, in 14-28 days you can't really improve your hair situation.
Also I am not sure checking safety in 14-28 days is safe :)


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I was going to play devil's advocate and tear this study up for being too few in people, going only 28 days, and self reporting results etc.
But it is phase 1 and they probably wanted to check for safety more than efficacy. Or at least thats the only reason I can guess for making it only 1 month.
Its too early for this one to say if its even effective.


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Near the end of the phase 2 study the company decided to do a supplemental phase 2 study that will involve bio-markers. Why do you guys think that the company did that?


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I thought they just finished up phase 2. If that is the case we should know wether or not this is just another dream sooner than later. Let me know is I'm wrong about the phase 2 though.


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Sounds like good news. With all of these potential treatments being researched one of them has to get it right.

Seems like they are testing it once a day which is nice as well. Do we know if continued use is required to keep any re-growth like minoxidil?

Like other growth factors that aren't cell-based (Replicel), I don't think there is any kind of "immunization" going on. So yes, best case scenario it will be continued use but the effect won't wane like minoxidil.


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So is this not really a big deal?

I thought confirmation it worked and passed phase 2 would be a big deal...

So should we not be excited for this?