Raised Hairline And Possible Solutions To That


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Hi, I've been experiencing a bit of hair loss over the last few years. I normally wear my hair down with a middle part (basically exactly like this: https:// simages.wigsbuy.com/Upload/Image/2019/234/watermark/71855719-cdc2-4ff9-9787-d179127e30c3.jpg)
however because of the slight hairline recession it's starting to look worse. I was wondering if there is a way to fix this and make it look like it used too (essentially bringing the hairline down and hiding some of the forehead). I have heard about hair toppers (infact a friend of mien has used them in the past). From most of the pictures I have seen they make your hair look a lot thicker on top, however can they also move ("move") your hairline down a bit?

The other option I have seen is (clip in fringe (or bangs)) products like this: http:// 3.bp.blogspot.com/-3kipZGienoc/T8JFUUegjYI/AAAAAAAAAYY/_fOfREcwDdM/s1600/1074647_101028012535_fringe-steps.jpg

Obviously this would hide a raised hairline, but I don't wear a fringe and don't really like how it looks on me, so is it possible to wear one of these and then just part it in the middle, maybe adding some extensions on the shorter bit of hair to essentially just make it into a middle part, or would this result in the clips showing?

Any help/experience is appreciated, up until now I have been lucky and never had to do much to my hair to keep it how I wan it, so I'm not very knowledgeable on all of this. :)

P.S. Sorry had to add spaces to links as new account,