Post op advice day 14, Need help : coloration other hairs


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Hello everyone I did a transplant two weeks ago on a Norwood 3 (gulfs and a little above behind my wick see photo)

1) the scabs are still a little present on day 14, what to do?

2) can I color the side hair (see blue marking on photo) in black as usual on day 14 if the coloring has no contact with the transplanted and recipient area? (Black L'Oréal hair color)

3) can I comb my hair? I use an extra gentle PHYTO shampoo and rinse with a soft spray and only dry with small compresses the top which remains shiny and hard (bad rinsing or drying?) Which is not very nice and may not be very healthy for the remaining / grafted hair.

Thank you for your advice :)


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Sorry for the late response, only to assure you, the instructions I received they told, that after 3 weeks it is safe to color the hair (not with peroxide though :).
By now the scabs have to come off, otherwise you have to shower it a lot, with medium stream shower (daily 5 times at least).