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Discussion in 'Men's General Hair Loss Discussions' started by Administrator, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Before you post, please check the forum home page for the appropriate Forum.

    If you are posting about Dutasteride, go to the Dutasteride forum and post your question/comment there.

    If you are posting about Rogaine or propecia, go to the appropriate forum and do so there.

    If you are posting about a new or experimental treatment, please post your comment or question in the Experimental Treatments area.


    There are a bunch of new topics. We pretty much took the most talked about topics in the General Forums and split them up into their own forums. So for awhile you will see a lot of things being "Moved". Dont take offense to it. Not intended that way. Over time we will all figure out where certain things fit best. Some things overlap (what a pain) like "I am SHEDDING on PROPECIA!" ... should that go in the SHEDDING forum or the Propecia forum? Probably will end up in the Propecia forum. Whereas general questions about shedding would go in the shedding forum.

    SOOOOOOOOOOO ..... for awhile just work with me and we'll get this down. There will be some inconsistencies. Just roll with it. Do your best to keep posts in the appropriate forum. The most annoying thing for YOU GUYS is posting something and people not seeing it or replying to it, right? I know the feeling.

    We've built a bad habit by dumping everything in the General Forum. Sure, everyone see's it that way, but people seeking information on shedding... or Propecia.... or Rogaine... or Hair Transplants.... basically got no help. Needle in a haystack. So the more we keep things in the right forums, I think evetually, the more quality responses you will get to your posts. Its something your brain has to get accustomed to, so work with me. One thing that will help A LOT is to take note of all the *orange* forums when you first log in. These are all the places where new posts have gone up since your last time here. If you do this, this transition will be a breeze.... you'll see why when you give it a try:


    Thank ya.


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