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[Please help] Miniaturised hair coming out all over the top

Discussion in 'Men's General Hair Loss Discussions' started by rgbnm, Feb 12, 2012.

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    Dec 17, 2011
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    Hello everyone. I've set up a couple of newbie question-topics earlier, but it seems like I might have more serious issue with baldness than I've thought. Anyway, the problem is as follows: I still have head full of hair, just some loss in the temples (NW2). I have some bigger shedding, but most of it is fairly thick hair. I had my hair cut, and what I've noticed is that when washing or pulling out, I get those small, short, curly hair coming out. The thing is, I find those hair to be everywhere all over the top, or even in the back (mostly in the peak area), but apparently my hair seem to be (as yet) fine, quite thick, with no noticeable loss.

    My blind guess is that my male pattern baldness is starting to get more aggressive, and I'm getting diffuse thinning all over the top. This scares the freak out of me, I used to think that I could have some slowly creeping up temples over the years, but if this sh*t was about to speed up... It's really terrific, as I have almost no family history (at least the closest relatives are clear of male pattern baldness issues).

    Anyone of You, who could explain this to me, please be welcome to post here. Is it really getting worse? Cheers for any advice:)

    Attachments: 1 peak shot, the other one is somewhere halfway between the crown and the forehead (just for comparison).


    Good luck everyone

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