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Today, I have this regimen that I had posted over 10 months ago on hlh forum. Needless to say, no concise, coherent reviews. So, I am hoping I will find some here.

This is an inexpensive home remedy and many of you already know it has been reported to benefit Androgenetic Alopecia hairloss by blocking pdg2 anti-inflammatory response. You be the judge

Here is how to make a cetirizine topical


1. crush and grind 33 tablets (10mg each) into a powder

2. dissolve the powder in 50 ml of distilled water

3. let it stand for at least 24 hours

4. since pills are made up of insoluble filler material and the active ingredient which is soluble, after 24 hours the active ingredient will be dissolved in the water above the filler material. For this reason the water above the granulate powder needs to be carefully separated and the powder discarded. This can be done using a syringe or a pipette or even a dropper

5. add 30 ml of Ethanol (roughly 70%) to the remaining 50 ml of water.

6. finally mix with 20 ml of Propylene glycol

So, we end up with 330 mg dissolved in 100ml vehicle solution. And this will give us only .33% solution. It does not appear to be super concentrated. I am not sure what dosage/frequency and conc. people have used or are using. But, it should be at least 1 ml per day everyday.

Thus, with that dose, approx. 3.3 mg will enter scalp. This is a good concentration considering that per day recommended dose for Cetitrizine against Allergy is 10mg
systemic for adults; or even 5 mg for children or some adults. So, this should still be quite a high dosage for 3.3 mg that will be primarily concentrated on scalp area only, and not throughout the body first


I read somewhere that alcohol may cause degradation of Cet. molecules, thus making it inactive or week. SO here is a simpler remedy

1. water solubility of Cet. is, what I found, 160g/100 ml, which translates into 1600 mg/ml, a very high solubility. But, we only need about roughly 0.33% solution.

2. so, to make about three months or so, supply of using 1 ml once a day, with conc. of roughly 0.33% solution (1 ml is what you use for minoxidil per dose/dropper)

3. pour 100 ml of distilled water in a clean small bottle or any container that is narrow and high, not wide or spread out

4. take 33 x 10 mg Cet tabs, for a total of 330 mg tabs, in a napkin, fold it, and crush it with anything solid like kitchen knife handle

5. OR simply drop 33 tabs into the distilled water and shake it gently

6. Let it settle for several hours and occasionally shaking it to punch the tabs into dissolving more rapidly

7. Let it settle for several hours; you will see the bnders settling in the bottom, and water above would be clear to cloudy depending on Cet. brand you used

8. water above the binders has Cet. dissolved in it, so either very gently and slowly pour out the water into a clean bottle or use your minoxidil dropper to squeeze water out of the container without disturbing the binders settled at bottom

9. You will have roughly .33%+ Cet solution in pure water


Since water may dry too quickly on scalp or if you feel so, then I would add little bit of minoxidil sol. into the whole potion and you will find that even little addition will have some greasy quality to the Cet. solution. It will make the Cet solution not dry so rapidly and would stay on scalp for sufficient time for Cet to absorp


- Zyrtec/store brand eg CVS/Wags/Rite Aid, are inexpensive, over the counter and come in 10mg and 5mg tabs

- use distilled water, if possible. Any other water, containing ions etc., has the potential for rendering Cet. inactive

- I was surprised to read somewhere that Cet. is not available or is not over the counter. If you are in that country where you cant find it, check ebay to see if they will ship it to you. Do a search on "Cetirizine" or Zyrtec

- no need for Zyrtec, which is quite expensive compared to generic alternatives. ANy will do. The only difference you may find is that Zyrtec brand seems to give a clearer final solution

- I believe this will go systemic. You will notice or pay attention that your nose sputum (word?) will vecome drier and you will be easily able to pick your nose with dry residue. On days, you not use it, you MAY find runny nose. This is a good sign that the solution does absorb into your scalp (and eventually some systemic)

- use the minoxidil dropper to transport solution to scalp, not hair, and massage thoroughly

- some have been dissolving it into minoxidil solution. This is not a good idea. There is a whisper on the net that Cet. degrades minoxidil, or if left in it for too long. We dont know how long is "too long." So, lets not take a risk, and use simple water solution if possible

be wise, and try to play around with the dose application and/or tinker around making the solution to see what works best for you. There is no hard and fast rule how much of each is best established-it is all your own experiment


I know there is a thread already for this. But, it is so cluttered with NUMEROUS pages and dialogue that it is hard to deduce what percent users have gotten results and to what extent. If you have already used it or decide to try this regimen, please come back and/or post your results concisely here for everyone to read them in one thread, free of multiple unnecessary pages of ceaseless arguments.

Ideal person we would like to hear from would be
a) anyone not using anything else but this, or b) anyone who has a stale/stabilized regimen and can actually deduce the benefits, if any, of this regimen on its own.

To be objective, please try to organize your results/observation in this format, if you will

A) When you first started, what dose/frequency, and approx. what conc. solution

B) Any regimen you are/were on when started this trial. Any details

C) When you first noticed hair benefit and at what degree, what part of scalp etc. Benefits=stop shedding, or regrowth of vellus hair or dark hair etc

G) What makes you think it is this regimen result rather than other regimen you may have recently started-Your intuitive thoughts

H) Any side effects: Hair quality, heart rate, urine frequency, scalp acne/bumps


Keep this post uncluttered. Be respectful of other posters who are looking for relevant information and not arguments and speculations, so post if you have something substantial to contribute relevant to the topic. Simply posting to say that "I will start this tomorrow," is not wise. But, please do post your experience with this regimen to share with us and to help others.

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I stumbled upon this website, these guys claim they are developping a potent pgd2 inhibitor for the treatment of male pattern baldness:

I have no idea if these guys are legit or not, but my nose tells me pgd2 might be IT.


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I stumbled upon this website, these guys claim they are developping a potent pgd2 inhibitor for the treatment of male pattern baldness:

I have no idea if these guys are legit or not, but my nose tells me pgd2 might be IT.

On their about page it says 'Oxagen has no data at all, either pre-clinical or clinical, to support the therapeutic use of OC000459 in male-pattern baldness.'

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On their about page it says 'Oxagen has no data at all, either pre-clinical or clinical, to support the therapeutic use of OC000459 in male-pattern baldness.'

Yes, you're right.

I have no idea what they mean. They're not saying it doesn't work for male pattern baldness, it seems they're simply saying they don't have any data yet.

- - - Updated - - -

I'm going to give resveratrol a try. It's just a food supplement and I don't expect any miracles but it won't hurt either. I'll post my impressions soon.


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Is anyone still doing this? What are your results? Do you feel like it is working? Thanks.

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Stability of Cetirizine in solution is enhanced by adding a weak acid such as phosphoric acid or even Vinegar. I am in pharma and will make a solution and tell you how much acid, I will use ordinary Vinegar, to adjust the pH to 4-5. Do not add alcohol to your solution but use propylene glycol and glycerin. Do dissolve in distilled water as stated. For me I would use 55% water, 20% propylene glycol, 20% glycerin and a guess 5% white vinegar. The final product can be refrigerated if making a large batch but assuming you are making a batch of 100ml it would not matter significantly.

All the ingredients you need are on Amazon and btw once your ground tablets are dissolved the excipients will float to bottom and you can separate by using 2 coffee filters to filter. Yes, the Cetirizine will be in the solution. I would order a mortar and pestle to grind your tablets.