Oily Face and forehead


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I started on Rogaine Foam, MSM 2000mg /day, and Nizoral 1% 3x week. I've been on this for about two weeks now and I've noticed that my face, especially my forhead is always really oily and greasy. This is very new for me I usually have dry skin. I also got a few big pimples on my nose, which I haven't had in about 10 years. It's definitly due to the new regimen, but I don't know which one is causing it.

I don't put any roagine or Nizoral on my forehead, so I'm wondering if it's the MSM that's making my skin so oily. So I wanted to know if anyone else has had this? Is this a common side affect?


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It definitely wouldn't be the MSM or Nizoral - could be the Rogaine.