Obesity, diet, inflammation and balding

Are you or have you been obese and balding/bald?

  • Obese and balding

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  • Obese and not balding

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  • Not obese and balding

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  • Not obese and not balding

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Obesity causes inflammation which raises DHT levels and which causes balding, right? Also some diets can cause inflammation. Could balding be always prevented if inflammation levels stay low? Is inflammation main cause of baldness on men? I personally were obese when I started to bald and I also drank a lot of milk which I have heard to cause inflammation. Men also tend to gain weight and bald when they age, could this be related to inflammation? Also my uncle said that he got some of his hair back when he lost weight.

I also found this research article related to this subject:

Hirsso, Päivi, et al. “Obesity and Low-Grade Inflammation Among Young Finnish Men with Early-Onset Alopecia.” Dermatology (Basel), vol. 214, no. 2, Karger, 2007, pp. 125–29, https://doi.org/10.1159/000098570.

What do you think about this?