Mesotherapy With Substances Containing Dutasteride


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Hello to all friends
I had a mesotherapy session yesterday (with dutasteride).
I have been taking 5% minoxidil for 4 years and taking 1 mg of finsteride for a year, which I stopped finastride because of side effects for 4 month.
And now, in addition to minoxidil, I will do mesotherapy (injection of dutasteride and vitamin B) once a month.
I want to know do you have any information about this treatment?
If you have an opinion, comment.
I will report the result of this treatment to you Too.


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I'm considering this. Please let me know if you experience any sides.

I've done some research on this, and it seems the evidence base isn't quite there. I think the likelihood is it will work for some patients and not others. There are some studies showing a positive impact, but they are small scale and more research is needed.

I think it is conceivable that the applications are spread far apart enough to avoid systemic sides.

Different clinics have different administration frequencies. Some doctors recommend once a month, some once every 3 months.

That's all I know, really.
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Most of the papers do show some systemic absorption. That includes lower serum DHT, lower fertility etc all the hallmarks of finasteride or dutasteride use.


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Derek(moreplatesmoredates) seems to believe in it, this seems like a real breakthrough, but not available anywhere.