It's been so long....But who has the best systems now?


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The last time I purchased a hair system online was 2 years ago from Toplace. In fact a purchased a enough that it lasted 2 years.

Now I need to acquired new systems, but a lot must've changed in the last 2 years. I'm sure companies who once offered a good product (Toplace, Coolpiece etc) may not be as good.

Question who has the best systems now? My 3 factors are:

1) Quality (Most realistic, single knots, bleached knots)
2) Price (Good price without ripping people off)
3) Customer Service (This is real important, especially when purchasing systems, believe me through past experiences)

Thanks in advance everyone! We all need to support each other. Especially when hairloss is the worst thing to happen to men, well second worst thing to impotence....


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I think Toplace and Coolpiece are still offering a decent product at a very reasonable price. The new star performer is NorthWest Lace, which is run by Eric, the former moderator of the BA Hair Apparent board (if you remember that). Very decent guy, and his products and service also seem top quality.


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Northwest Lace has moved to the top of the list. Best pieces I have bought on line, and Eric is a joy to work with. Sure makes up for my bad BA experiences.