Is Nizoral really only available by prescription now?


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I may be late to the party, but it seems as though CVS no longer sells Nizoral without a prescription? Its not available on any of the shelves at any of my local CVS', and one of the helpers said she vaguely recalled that its prescription only now?

Is this true of all places? It seems like a huge hassle/waste of time to go to the dermatologist and get prescribed a shampoo.


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2% Nizoral requires a prescription, and as far as I know always has been only available by prescription. 1% Nizoral can be bought at your local pharmacy without prescription. Walgreens have it on their website for $9.99 for a 4 fl. oz. bottle.


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CVS may not carry it anymore. From what I understand the folks that make Nizoral require massive wholesale orders and CVS may not want to bother with it. Nizoral at one time was easy to find but it seems to be getting rare. I know walgreens still carries it though.


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This may be so. None of my local stores carry it any longer. Last place I saw it was target. I remember seeing it on walgreens site about a month ago but I'm too lazy to look and see if its still available. Are you guys having good luck with this shampoo? I was thinking about trying it.


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Strange. In Canada we need a prescription for 5% Minoxidil (you can get 2% OTC) and you can get Nizoral 2% without a prescription. I wish sometimes they were flipped - thank god I'm in the US quite a bit for work.