Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS) and Hairloss?


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Hello all,

M25, been suffering from hairloss, so far it's some medium recession on the temples. I just bought some minoxidil, a dermaroller and I will try to get finasteride prescribed. I'm a NW2 and its out of question i go NW3 in my 20s.

Now i'm trying to explore the reasons for my hairloss. Because I always had a head full of hair, extremely thick hair. My beard started growing very late. I would have never suspected balding early.

Anyways, it might be genetic and DHT.
Or, i was thinking about IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrom) which causes poor absorptions of nutrients and inflamation. My hair started getting worse when my symptoms worsened. I've had IBS for about 10 years, but the last year has been really rough.

But i was thinking, if its due to IBS, then the hairloss should be more like diffuse thinning ?
And assuming it is due to IBS, would a better diet cure the hairloss, and even regrow the hair lost ?

Thanks a lot!


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Matt Rogers

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The year my gut went to hell is when my hair started falling out, this was in 2018. Luckily my gut is perfect now but my hair has never stopped falling out. I don't believe I ever even shed a hair in my life before 2018. I've always thought that the terrible gut problems I had caused some sort of dna/genetic change that seemingly is irreversible now.