How are these transformations even possible?


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What the f*** do you mean how are they possible?

The hairs from back of head, beard and body are transplanted to the bald areas, it’s not rocket science lmao

Or do you mean how do they take out the hairs?

they punch out a small hole, pull the hair follicle and insert into balding skin. It grows in a few months time.


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Of course I am, I've been researching for years. But those men are practically bald, where did they took so many hairs from so it all looks good?


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You'd be amazed what can be done with a healthy donor area and good placement of grafts.


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the best results from transplants come from people with really thick hair in the back. they have a better donor area and if you have a good doctor they will be able to transplant it without killing the hairs or causing shock loss. if you have really thick hair and start going bald then you will always have a better looking transplant then if you have really thin hair to use as donor.

after that it just comes down placement and how good the doctor is. if the doctor gives you good advice and knows what they're doing and you have thick hair you'll have good results.