Help! Thoughts on Dr. Schweiger or Dr. Sadick?


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HELP!! I am a 29yr old female suffering from HAIRLOSS for the past 6yrs. I have seen countless doctors and none of them give me hope. My family all has thick hair including my 65yr old parents. I have been to every specialist and they all give me 5% minoxidil and spironolactone, however neither has helped the regrowth. Below is my most recent biopsy which was VERY painful and my doctors response was "ready for a hair transplant?" All signs point to hereditary hair loss so I am not sure what additional steps I can take. I am desperately seeking advice on whether or not I should get 2,000 grafts from Dr. Schweiger from Bernstein Medical. I had a consultation with him this week and I qualify as a candidate however the cost is tremendous ($12,000) and I am concerned about the results/recovery period. I currently see Dr. Sadick for treatment (lasers, spironolactone) however I have not read ANYTHING on his results from transplants.

Any insight on either doctor or my condition would be greatly appreciated. I would give anything to have my hair back to the way it was 6 yrs ago. Thoughts? Advice? Help?!?

Thank you!

Desperately seeking Answers.
T.Leela :shakehead:
Clinical information
1. 2mm punch. Mid inf. Scalp frontal submitted for DIF, B. 4mm punch mid frontal superior scalp: A, B:/Female pattern hair loss, autoimmune hairloss. 704.00. IDX mc

A. skin, mid inferior scalp frontal, submitted for5 DIF:Ã¥
- Positive lupus band test of IgM isotype

Comment (specimen a):
There is a fairly striking deposition of IgM along the dermal-epidermal junction and as well there is staining within the epithelium for IgA, IgM and IgG essentially defining a very immunoreactant profile. This profile is not dissimilar to other cases of androgenetic alopecia

2. Skin, mid frontal superior scalp:
- Non-scarring alopecia consistent with androgenetic alopecia

Comment (specimen b):
The findings are those of a fairly advances state of non-scarring alopecia. I would tend to favor a diagnosis of androgenetic alopecia. There is one terminal hair unit however that suggests the possibility of alopecia areata although I do not see frank lymphocyctic bulbitis. I am curious to know if in fact this patent has and clinical features of alopecia areata. If indeed the clinical presentation is more in keeping with common baldness I would interpret the process as an inflammatory immunogenic variant of androgenetic alopecia, especially given the very impressive immunoflurescent profile. We will destain slide B1 (D4-6) to see if we can actually identify any lymphocytes permeating the bulbar epithelium

Microscopic description
Direct immunofluorescent studies have been performed on specimen A, the results of which are as follows:

IgG: There is +1-2/3 fine granular staining of epidermal keratinocytes within the epidermis and hair follicle
IgA: There is a fairly intense granular staining in the sebocytes and other root sheath of a hair follicle as well as +1-2/3 fine granular staining of epidermal keratinocytes
IgM: There is a continuous band of +3/3 granular staining along the dermal-epidermal junction as well as +3/3 granular staining within the basement membrane zone of the hair follicle
C3: significant immunoreactivity is not identified
C3d: there is an interrupted band of +1-2/3 fine granular staining along the dermal-epidermal junction and within the follicular basement membrane zone
C4d: negative

There is an average normal number of anagen hair follicles however they appear shorter and thinner. There is a superficial and mild perivascular and slightly perifolliclar infiltrate predominantly of lymphocytes. PAS stain fails to reveal fungal hyphae or a thickened basement membrane. There are yeasts of Pityrosporum on the epidermal surface


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Hi T_Leela,

I am a 23 yr old female suffering from hairloss myself. I was diagnosed roughly 2 yrs ago. I have used all the common topical solutions like Rogaine 2% minoxidil to the 5% foam. I have also tried steroid injections to my scalp and various shampoos and conditioners. Nothing has worked. Like yourself I too underwent a very painful biopsy declaring I have alopecia areata. In researching my family history none of any female family members suffer hairloss either. Being a female I share your pain. Hairloss for women is not socially acceptable and I'm desperate to find a solution. Everyday is a constant struggle to find confidence in my appearance and in myself. Ever since being diagnosed who I am as a person has changed. I am very hopeless that anything will help me except a transplant.

You mentioned that you are seeing Dr. Sadick for treatment such as lasers and spironolactone...I know nothing is really working for you, but has this treatment worked better than just topical foams? I am willing to try anything before i get to the point of a transplant. I also don't want to wait until its noticeable to everyone else before I get the transplant.

I'm sorry you are suffering through this. It is very emotionally and physically draining. Hang in there.



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Have you consulted with Dr Carlos Wesley in NY? I heard he did tom brady transplant. Once you do i would like your opinion between him and dr bernstein.
on the other hand what is stopping me is that i have autoimmune thyroid hashimotos. And i heard that with autoimmune the transplant will not hold. However The drs i have seen all say it will work since i have a good donor area. It supposedly doesnt hold if there is diffuse thinnng.
Sorry i just noticed your post is from 10 yrs ago. What did you finally decide to do?