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I noticed I was balding when I was 18 when I shaved my head. HOwever no one could outright notice it at the time. I tried minoxidil intermittenly but the b**ch itched so much and I scratched so much at nights, I was losing hair much faster than ever each time. So I tried propecia but being a college student I couldnt afford it at the time.

Now I am 24 and am noticibaly thinning at the top and back. I have been using propecia consistently for the last 4.5 months without significant difference. I have noticed excessive shedding recently. After reading so much online I dont know what to believe or what to use.

I am thinking about using tricomin or folligin with revivogen. Also am thinkin about using nizorol every day.

Can anyone share their regimes or their successes so I know what i could do? Also if a certain product is better over the other? I think I need some sort of stimulant to get the dormant follicles growing and more DHT inhibitors to stop progressive hair loss.

Hope you can help. Thanks

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I'd suggest picking up the Nizoral like you say. Give finasteride and nizoral some time. Adding in the copper peptides would be a nice addition as well, but I would hold off on them until you try the Nizoral, and give it a week or so to see what kind of effect it has on your scalp. If the nizoral helps, or at least does not exacerbate the irritation, then add in the Copper peps.

If a year goes by and you are not satisfied with your look, or if the recession really takes off in the next 9 months, then you might consider whether or not to add in minoxidil again.

Good luck! You are very young in your regimen, you have a lot of time to experience some upside in the months ahead.