Hairline FUE small number of grafts question.


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Hi I wondered if anyone has had a similar FUE carried out or what others feedback was.

I am considering getting a small number of grafts, at the front of central hairline to lower my hairline.
I am ok with not getting the temples filled in as I can cover that with existing hair but just having 500 grafts at the front would provide a better frame for my face which is essentially what I'm after.

My thinking as well is that even if my hairloss progresses and I have to shave my head, at least having a hairline at the front would still frame my face well even if the hair is thinned behind and I would still have hair for future hair transplants but this small op now would get me through the next few years at least...

What are peoples thoughts on this approach, has anyone done similar??


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why not get temples too ? i am probably getting my hair line rebuilt and temple area. should be 2,000 grafts