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Hair Transplants Suck Without Propecia

Discussion in 'Hair Transplants Information - General Discussions' started by TheHirsuteMan, Sep 14, 2018.

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    This first one is legitimate for self torture but it's a startling discovery. He demonstrates how bad it can become, that the industry relies on camouflaging pictures and we can see on forums that some people don't show close ups or under acceptable light with a quality camera either. The man with glasses has such a terrible outcome since the corners refused to grow and sufficiently blend. The hairline as a whole is off and it's unnerving since he had a good starting point. In the final one, the older man had 7000 hair follicle grafts moved but since he was dead before, below average hair is what he finished with. That's after dismantling his beard and losing follicles there while ending up with scars at the back too. There are no close ups nor outdoor lighting or it would be see through with a worsening strange appearance. What hope is this for a young guy, certainly not much to me. It's definitely a minority how many excellent hair results I've witnessed online. This frightens me because if propecia doesn't work, i'm not so sure Avodart will.

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