Hair Transplant Result in 10 Months, 7300 Grafts, Grade 6/7, @ Eugenix by Expert Hair Surgeons


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The 41-year-old had Grade VI baldness on the Norwood Hamilton Scale. For the total coverage of his scalp, we gave him 7300 grafts. He got 4500 grafts for his first sitting in the frontal half of his scalp. 2500 grafts were taken from the scalp donor and 2000 from the beard donor. In the second sitting, he went for 2800 grafts where 1700 grafts were from the scalp donor and 1100 grafts were from the beard donor. The two sittings were done 5 months apart. He had a complete look change by the 5th month itself. However, by the 10th month, his results were outstanding and his scalp was covered with dense and thick hair.


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Jack Ito

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Where was the bearded hair transplanted? Usually when guys get beard hair implanted it looks terrible but you can't even tell aside the odd couple of hairs..