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Hair thin in middle

Discussion in 'Men's General Hair Loss Discussions' started by diffuser2011, Oct 8, 2011.

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    Jul 15, 2011
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    My hair has been getting thin right down the middle the thinness is about 2 inches wide and it kind of branches out towards the V, my sides, temples back of head are wonderfully thick, but all be it middle and top of head is just strangely thin not slick bald, but noticeable and I use Toppik to cover it up which makes me look 'normal', but I really just want my thickness on top back! I took propecia for some time and it didn't seem to help grow, I also have been using minoxidil for about 4-5 years and it seems that the spots I apply minoxidil are the thinner spots?! Is that strange? What is going on there? I don't lose a lot of hair, or atleast notice a lot of hair loss, but it's has become thin over the past 10 years. I was 17 when I started to see a itsy bitsy amount of thinning, but nothing to warrant me panicing. So I refrained. About 21 I noticed the thinning not getting better so I went to a Derm who put me on propecia because I told him all about it and said that is what I need. He didn't even really look at me run tests or anything. He just said ok here is a script. I took it for about 3-5 years with nothing. At that time I went on minoxidil to supplement and still nothing great improving the thinning in the middle. So I went off propecia and thought about that decision and after 6-12 months off I went back on to be 'safe'. I am now 27 years old and my hair seems to slowly thinning in the middle still. I look closely in a mirror and I can see Hair there but they're smaller and just don't seem like they want to grow lol! I mean if those hairs grew like the hairs on my side it would look so much fuller... So in the past 5-6 months I switched to Fincar generic propecia, started Tricomin purchased a hairmax laser wand about 2 months ago and went to a endo for blood testing to see if there was anything abnormal.

    The endo said my Vit. D levels were low and I was considered Vitamin D deficient. He prescribed me 10,000IU's daily of Vitamin D3, said to take omega 3 2000 mgs a day. My testosterone levels were within range, nothing abnormal, wouldn't high testosterone levels be the reason for my hair loss? My thryroid looks good everything was good except my coritsol and ACTH was a little high. My cortisol levels were 24.5 on a 2-25 scale. My acth level was 89 on a 0-49 range, almost double. I do remember being under a ton of stress during the time. THe vit D seemed to help stress levels and a week ago I added a formula called Vita-Hair which contains the following:

    Coenzyme Q10 15 MG
    Horsetail Extract 30 MG
    Saw Palmetto (Serenoa reopens) Berry Powder 30 MG
    Biotin Trituration Powder 30 MG
    Collagen Hydrolysate Powder 400 MG

    Do you think this will AT ALL benefit my hair loss and in turn regrow it?

    I just don't know what else to try to get these hairs growing :( I am at a loss and I know there has to be a solution, but the sad thing is the solutions take months before you know if you will have progress and by then I am usually just left scratching my head. Thank you all for reading this and providing any insight or comments where you can. I know this is a great community who can help. Also would poor digestion or nutrition affect hair loss? I face constipation a lot and fear that my body perhaps isnt absorbing the nutrients due to this. I don't know but just a thought. Thanks again all!

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