Hair Loss Solutions for Humana Patients


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Hair Unit Packages covered by Humana!
* We assist with funding your medical unit
* Our packages include medical unit customization

* Medical Unit Install included
* Scalp Treatments for those in need
* Services offered to Humana patients any where within the network

*Enjoy world class treatment with Tresses Izumi

Health Insurance Coverage for the Cost of Your Medical Unit ?​

Are you experiencing temporary or permanent hair loss from illness or genetics and in need of guidance? If you or a loved one is experiencing hair loss due to medical reasons like trichotillomania, Chemotherapy, alopecia or other medical conditions, you can file an insurance claim to receive a partial or full cost of your medical unit .

Most insurance companies will cover between 80-100% of the cost for your full medical unit and will allow you to receive one unit per year for medical hair loss. Depending on your insurance, your hair unit may also be a tax deductible medical expense. If a person's medical bills are over 7.5% of their income, then the medical unit would become tax deductible.

Allow Tresses Izumi to get you approved for your unit. Leave the work to us. Its a pleasure to serve you!

Most Types of Medical Hair Loss Covered By Insurance​

  • Alopecia Hair Loss
  • Chemotherapy Related Hair Loss
  • Radiation Related Hair Loss
  • Thyroid Related Hair Loss
  • Kidney Related Hair Loss
  • Cancer Related Hair Loss
  • Medical Hair Loss Due to Genetics, Stress, Reaction to Medical Illness, Life and Environmental Changes, Aging, Thinning, and/or Balding