Hair loss after hospitalization? Type of hair loss?


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Hi friends,
I sincerely apologize if this post is not in the correct section!

I (25,F) used to have extremely thick, healthy hair. Fast forward: I was diagnosed with an abscess and sepsis in December. In April, I was diagnosed with COVID, bilateral pneumonia, and sepsis leading to a week-long hospitalization. I’m not sure when the hair loss officially began, but… a week after hospitalization, I noticed my hair was dying, thinning, and falling out. It has thinned/fallen out all over and has even slightly affected my hairline and temples. Both long and short hairs are falling out. It has been about 3 months now. There has been intermittent scalp pain along the way. My wax girl also said my eyebrows look like they may have thinned since the hospitalization. Overall, does this sound like a specific type of hair loss to anyone? (Telogen effluvium, alopecia areata, FFA, etc)?
Thank you so much in advance!


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There is a known correlation of hairloss (telogen effluvium) and Covid especially in women. It can also occur after surgery/general anesthesia. In your situation, given your age, time frame since Covid, and the lack of specific patterned loss, I suspect yours might be a Covid related telogen effluvium which mostly likely will resolve itself in time. Just a guess on my part. Definitely consult with a dermatologist/surgeon familiar with hairloss to get a proper diagnosis!

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also keep in mind Telogen Effluvium can reveal a predisposition to pattern baldness


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Stress hairloss

It will come back in a year. Just eat a lot of biotin and nail/hair supplements and you should be good.

Cover you head if it bothers you so much

Women don’t get hairloss like men unfortunately where there’s no coming back