FUE procedure at HMR / CORTEZ BROS.


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Hello all, had my FUE hair transplant yesterday 9/7/21 at HMR in Tijuana with the Cortez brothers after almost flying 6K miles to Istanbul LOL....so today is day 1 post procedure and feeling good, bit of swelling on the forehead but nothing i wasn't expecting nor does it cause pain, my first night sleep was actually not bad at all. I am staying in San Diego a couple days to relax and then flying home to NYC and i will be posting some pics with the regular time intervals you lime to see, i cannot say anything bad about my experience everything was smooth from the moment i landed the driver was kind enough to even stop at starbucks to get my VENTI fix, staff was professional, hotel literally around the block, trying to think what else i can say but i guess i will be posting pics on this thread soon, any questions in the mean time feel free to pm me