Finasteride totally stopped working after four years.


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I'm 22 now, I've been on finasteride since just before turning 18 (Thanks clinic that didn't ask my age! lol) I regained and maintained fantastically which I think is due to me catching it so early.

Four months ago or so I started losing hair again, and I brushed it off as an abnormally long shed. But it has persisted for months and there is a prominent recession on my hairline. I started taking RU a little over a month ago to repel this but to no avail. Any advice? Is it possible I built a tolerance to finasteride or that I somehow got a bad bottle? Are doctors allowed to prescribe placebos? I feel like it coincided with my most recent prescription refill.


My hair about a year ago, maintained super well and came back from previous loss.
This is me today, its been pretty crazy how much hair I loss whenever I run my hand through my head or while applying shampoo in the shower.

What should I do?


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You could try adding to the regimen?

Throw in some minoxidil or upgrade to dutasteride?


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The norwood Reaper finally catched up to you, jokes aside. But this is due to upregulation from the drug, basically it upregulates the dht receptors in the folicles. It happens in the prostate aswell, Basically your hair has now gotten more sensitive to dht so now you need stronger drugs to fix it. But eventually you will lose the Battle.