Eyebrow thinning


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Can telogen effluvium affect just the eyebrows? My 2 1/2 yr old grandaughter has suddenly "lost" most of her eyebrows. They have become very light & thin after having been very dark and thick. She is not pulling at them and her eyelashes are still thick and long. She also does not seem to have any thinning of her hair. My daughter gave birth to twins July 31st (preemies) so there was alot going on, and although my grandaughter seems to have dealt with all the changes well on the outside I am concerned that maybe she has held alot of her emotions in. We noticed the sudden change in her eyebrows around December. She will be seeing her Doctor later this week but I am just trying to have some ideas in my head that might make sense. Thanks! Oh, and the outer brows have almost "disappeared"!